Ambitions Gymnastics

Our Vision is that all children (have the opportunity to) participate in gymnastics programs, giving them the best possible foundations for life

Fee Structure

Please find below a table which outlines the associated programme costs and registration fees which you’ll need to make your final decision.

There are three components to our Fees

  • Payable in Advance Per Term Class Fees (Shown including the Registration Deposit) aligned to the published dates for each class
  • Annual Membership to Ambitions Gymnastics (mandatory to be part of our classes)
  • Annual British Gymnastics Insurance (mandatory insurance via British Gymnastics) that runs October 2020-September 2021

Fee Structure for Term (April-July 2021)- based on term dates 

  • Each class is  £ 6.50/session for classes up to one hour (or multiples of  £ 6.50 for classes longer than one hour)
  • Each term is based on half a School Term
  • Invoice for Term will be in two parts first 2 weeks then following 4 week, then after half term 7 weeks
  • Term dates are published on our Venues and Programmes pages and used to calculate the number of Sessions per term

Please note: that the fees Shown above are for the entire term. Fees will be pro-rated (based on £6.50/class) down if you join later in any term.

Please note: the number of weeks and venue may vary each term and therefore the associated fees may also vary. Members will be required to book in each term for continued participation.

Ambitions Gymnastics Annual Membership (membership portion of the Fees is Waivered for the period to End of August 2021 - Insurance below is still payable)

  • For Children under the age of 5 this is £20.00
  • For Children 5 and over this is £30.00

In addition to the Ambitions Gymnastics Fees, all members are required to be registered with British Gymnastics for insurance purposes, the cost of this is INCLUDED (but also shown separately in your invoices) in the Annual Ambitions Membership Fees shown above and are shown below for information purposes only.

British Gymnastics Insurance  paid to Ambitions Gymnastics prior to attending second class as part of Annual Membership.

 - £19 for school age children (5yrs and over). Insurance is valid from October 2020 to September 2021 .

 - £13 for pre-school (under 5yrs).  Insurance is valid from October 2020 to September 2021
New members (and renewing members in September/October 2018) will be required to register via the British Gymnastics Website for British Gymnastics Insurance, this will NOT require you to pay any fees as the cost of this insurance is paid VIA your annual Membership/Insurance payment to Ambitions Gymnastics. This is purely administrative registration to enact the insurance cover you will have paid for.
If you are already an existing member of  British Gymnastics (via another club for example) you will not be required to pay again (this includes Members of a BG Registered Clubs Gymnastics or Trampolining). But we will require you to provide your Membership number, Membership Card and/or add us as your secondary club on the British Gymnastics Website