School Holiday Fun

Are you looking for something fun to get your children into these summer holidays?

The team at ambitions gymnastics are running an exciting school holiday gymnastics programme this summer. Running throughout August, our programmes promise to be:

  • Lots of fun for all ages and abilities
  • High energy with a wide variety of equipment
  • Run by enthusiast & experienced gymnastics coaches
  • Structured programmes mixed with supervised game
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.       I’m not sure I understand what I am booking my child in for?

a.       For example - in Week 2 we are running sessions over 3 days. On each of those days, we are offering 3 different session times. Within each session time there will be 15 children, which we will split into 2/3 fixed group.

b.       If you choose to book your child into Week 2 @ 10.45-11:45, they will attend the 10.45am session on 3rd August, 5th August and 7th August.  

c.       Each session will run for an hour. Your child will be allocated to a group, which will remain the same for all three sessions.


2.       If I book my child in for Week 2, 09-30-10:30am, can I also book the 10:45-11:45am session?

a.       Yes. This would mean you would be booked into two groups in the same day, three if you choose to book the third session also. There is a separate space in which children can sit and wait with a coach (while still observing social distancing) prior to the next session starting while cleaning occurs.


3.       Can I Book my child in on multiple weeks?

a.       Yes, your child can attend multiple weeks.


4.       Can I Choose who I am with in a group?

a.       The Coaches will, to the best of their knowledge, allocate groups based on age, ability and friendship groups to ensure the training is focused on similar abilities.


5.       I can’t attend one of the Sessions (Dates), can I pay for my child to attend part of a week or get a refund?

a.       Unfortunately, due to the way the guidelines work we cannot mix groups of children therefore your space will be allocated for all the sessions in the week, at the time you have booked. We therefore cannot split sessions or allocate an alternate child to their place if absent.


6.       What happens if someone attending fails the temperature check?

a.       As per the guidelines, unfortunately we have no choice but to send your child home, even in if they display no other symptoms. Our team will always err on the side of caution and will send a child home if they could potentially pose a risk to others.


7.       What if my child needs assistance to use the toilet?

a.       We have initially set the age groups to Year 1 plus to ensure that children are able to understand social distancing, follow hand washing guidelines and use the toilet by themselves. If they require assistance to use the bathroom, they should not attend at this time.



8.       Will my children be sharing equipment and mats?

a.       We are working our classes very carefully, allocating each Group children a set of equipment and mat space – They will NOT be sharing this with any other Groups, during the same session.

b.       Aligned to British Gymnastics cleaning guidelines. Before, between and after classes we will clean the entire room using a Fogging Disinfectant and wipes where required.

c.       Children within the same Group will still be asked to socially distance, using spots, markings etc on the floor

d.       The large equipment they are allocated will be different in each session they attend to maximise learning opportunities. They will share this equipment with the other children in their group.

We are excited to be back providing classes and to see the smiling faces of the children once again, we know that the classes will look and feel different in this phase of the easing of lockdown and have exciting plans to still make the sessions engaging and fun.