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Our Vision is that all children (have the opportunity to) participate in gymnastics programs, giving them the best possible foundations for life

Coronavirus: Joining our Summer Classes

At Ambitions Gymnastics, the health and safety of our members, families and team is of the utmost importance. We are continuing to monitor developments on COVID-19 and sourcing advice from Public Health England, UK Government and British Gymnastics.

All operations at Ambitions Gymnastics are restarting - starting with our Summer Courses British Gymnastics has confirmed that classes can restart with revised operating processes and procedures.

We have had chance to review the extensive guidelines outlined by the government, BG and UK active around the provision of sporting activities and we are excited to announce that will be running a summer holiday programme. Due to the operating restrictions, this will look a little different to how we have run holiday programmes previously.

We have secured the hire of a space within the Craven College Campus, off Gargrave road, Skipton for which we will have sole use of the premises for five weeks of summer holidays, commencing the week of 27th July. The hall is a great space, with lots of light, easy access to toilets and plenty of ventilation.

Gymnasts attending will be split into groups, determined by age and ability. Due to the strict guidelines, we are limiting the age of participants to school aged Year 1 and older. We recommend for children who want to be with their school/gymnastics friends that you try to coordinate bookings, however we cannot guarantee that they will always be grouped with friends.

Based on all the requirements available the following principles will apply to all our sessions

  • Gymnasts will be split into groups (c. 15 gymnasts per Session, 2 or 3 groups) with a designated coach.
  • We will create these groups (Fixed groups & Sessions) based on age and ability.
  • Gymnasts will be required to use hand sanitiser upon arrival and on leaving the session.
  • Coaches will be taking the temperature of all gymnasts upon arrival.
  • Gymnasts will be asked to wash their hands using the bathroom facilities and to use the toilet prior to the start of class.
  • All gymnasts are required to bring a named drink bottle and a bag for any personal items.
  • Gymnast remain in the same group for the entirety of the class and for all booked sessions, moving groups will not be permitted.
  • Each group will be assigned equipment to use for the session which will be fully sanitised before, after and between sessions. Where possible and practicable, equipment will be wiped between gymnasts.
  • Coaches will observe social distancing for the duration of the session and will not spot/physically support a child.
  • Gymnasts will be required to observe social distancing rules while participating, however sharing of large equipment with other members of their group is permitted, any handheld equipment will not be shared.
  • Only one child will be permitted to use the toilet at any time (access visible from the activity room). We will be encouraging using the toilet prior to the start of the class to avoid disruption and additional cleaning. During class time.
  • Upon arrival, during set up of rest breaks, gymnasts will be allocated a waiting area unique to their group. This is where their personal items will remain during class and where they will return to for dink breaks etc.

We must STRESS - If you, any member of your household, family or any contact/friend/work colleague is feeling unwell or are in regular contact with anyone vulnerable it’s your responsibility to stay away and to make sure you follow all the stay at home guidelines (Stay at Home Guidance) and not to come to Ambitions Gymnastics Classes.

We reserve the right to ask any member, displaying any of the symptoms, however mild, to leave the session. If a child has a cough or a temperature, please do not attend Ambitions Gymnastics.

If you or your child do show symptoms as described, you should follow the advice given by Public Health England and we kindly ask that you notify us as soon as possible by email ( Any changes to the clubs normal operation or approach will be immediately posted on the website, Instagram and our Facebook page.

As the situation continues to develop please regularly check your email/the Ambitions Gymnastics website/Instagram/Facebook pages, for any further developments. We continue to encourage all members, guests and staff to follow advice from Public Health England and to monitor their website daily for any changes. We will endeavour to answer all communication where possible in a timely manner.

We hope that everyone understands that these measures are sensible precautions for the protection of all our members, their families and the Ambitions Team and we can all work together to protect one another.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Ambitions Team

Operating Procedures Ambitions Gymnastics Summer Holiday 2020.pdf